Stem Removal

Winder Crown Button & Stem Removal should always be easy.

There is always a way to remove the stem. It should never be difficult or need a lot of force. I have had to fix problems caused by other watch repairers and colleagues because of people being too forceful with the stem and crown. If it is difficult then try a different tool to release the stem.

If you have never come across the movement before, then look at the movement as you pull the crown into the time set position. Look for a part that moves. 
This is called the Bolt.
Hint: It can hide down holes or on the side of the movement and sometimes is only visible in certain positions, like the Ronda 705 movement which is only visible in the date set position

Hint: there is usually a dimple on the bolt to show you where to press.

This is not a hard and fast rule for finding the bolt as, unfortunately, there are watches with no moving Bolt visible. These watches usually have some sort of marking, dimple or different looking screw. 

When you have found it and the stem position that is most accessible, then press it gently while gently pulling the stem.

If a screw is holding the bolt then loosen it while gently pulling the stem. DO NOT UNSCREW IT COMPLETELY

Warning: If you are pulling or pressing too hard STOP. It has to be easy. If you are struggling, try a different tool and/or less force.

Refitting the stem is usually much easier than removing it. The only important thing to always do is rotate the stem anti-clockwise as you are inserting it to engage the stem into the sliding wheel. if you don’t then the sliding wheel may become stuck in the time set position. If that happens you will need to dismantle most of the watch to sort it.