Shaped Mineral Glasses

Shaped Mineral Glasses are possible to cut by hand using an oil stone but it is very time consuming

  • Cut an acrylic glass as a template
  • Superglue acrylic glass to a blank mineral glass
  • Grind away the excess glass using gentle back and forward strokes along the side of the glass at 45 degrees to the oil stone. This reduces chipping of the glass.
  • Do not rush. If you do get impatient you will chip the glass and have to start again.
  • Once the glass is almost the size of the plastic glass you need to start checking with the watch casing. If you try to force the glass in it will chip or break.
  • grind until the glass fits
  • heat the glass to remove the superglue and acrylic glass
  • grind the edges of the glass at 45 degrees until no chips show and there are no sharp edges
  • glue glass in place using epoxy resin

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