Setting a Seiko Perpetual

Changing the battery and Reprogramming a Seiko Perpetual Watch

This is how to set up a Seiko Perpetual Calender Watch. They should not need to be reprogrammed this as the watch warns its user when the battery is low by doing a 3-5sec tick every 3-5secs but customers leave it until too late. The customer is meant to change the battery when the second hand starts acting “weird” but they do not realise this is a warning that the battery needs changing.

Tip: If you want to know if a Seiko perpetual is programmed correctly pull the crown out to the first position and push it back in. Do this within 1 second and it will then the date will show the month and then the year before returning to the date (Year is the number of years after a leap year. So 2017 is 1)

  • 2017 = 1
  • 2018 = 2
  • 2019 = 3
  • 2020 = 4 leap year
  • 2021 = 1
  • 2022 = 2
  • 2023 = 3
  • 2024 = 4 leap year

Open the watch and remove the packing ring ready to remove the battery.

The battery is held in place by 4 clips (red rings) and one side contact (green ring). The side contact is important that it does not get bent so be careful with it. Use fine tweezers under the battery at one of the clips to release it. You will need to repeat on 1 or 2 more clips before the battery is free. This way there is no chance of bending the plate, slipping and cutting the coil or breaking the stem.

Here you see the red insulator. On older models this does not exist, instead there is a sticker on the battery that says “do not remove”. If you have one of these older watches the new batteries do not have this sticker on it so you will have to reuse the old sticker.

Fit the new battery and “ac” the watch. If the watch was doing a 3 or 5 second jump before then the watch should have retained its memory. If it is now doing a 5 second jump after setting the time then you are going to have to reprogram the watch

If the date is just a few days out then it is quicker and easier to set it by turning the hands forwards or backwards

Reprogramming and Setting Up a Seiko Perpetual Watch

Apart from the “AC” contact there are several others marked D, M, Y and a O with a line through it. These are used to set the date

  1. Start by resetting everything. Short the “AC” to the battery “+” for 2 seconds with blunt tweezers
  2. Then each of the other 4 contacts to the battery “+” each time for 2 seconds starting with O, Y, M then D
  3. Pull the Winder out to the time set position
  4. Now we need to set the date to the 1st so the watch knows where the 1st is. To do this touch the “O” contact to the Battery “+” and the date changes. Repeat until you get to the 1st.
  5. Program the day of the month with the “D” contact by touching it to the battery “+” with the tweezers.
  6. Program the month (1 = January to 12 = December)
  7. Program the Year (1 is the 1st year after a leap year. 4 is a leap year. See the list above if you are unsure)
  8. Touch the “O” contact again and it must go back to 1. If it doesn’t then you need to start again.
  9. Set the time and close the watch to complete the job.

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