Seiko Kinetic

Seiko Kinetics were sold as not having a battery in them but this is totally wrong. The original Kinetics had a Capacitor that held an amount of electricity for the watch to work for a while off the wrist (72 hours) but it soon became apparent that these capacitors would fail in time. Lack of use, too much use and extreme temperatures seemed to cause them to fail much to the disgust of many customers. The later kinetics use a rechargeable lithium ion battery (Lithium–titanate battery to be precise) which is a lot less delicate and user friendly but still these fail. They fail when the watch is not used and allowed to stop and when the watch gets to hot. Note: Despite the new capacitors are actually rechargeable batteries Seiko suppliers insist on calling them capacitors.
Seiko kinetics must be used all the time and not allowed to run down too much. They also need to be kept cool and not exposed to too much direct sunlight (a bit of a problem here in Spain).
Even following these rules Lithium batteries have a finite life and will eventually need changing.

Tip: when buying a Seiko kinetic always make sure it is already working and on time. Always be suspicious of any watch that is reduced as I know from experience that the batteries in old stock will have a reduced life

Symptoms of a faulty battery.

If the battery is the problem then you will find these problems

  1. The watch stops very quickly when taken off the wrist. “Stopping at night” is a common complaint from customers
  2. Once it is stopped it charges too quickly. Give it a few shakes (10-20) and it should be now doing a 2 second jump. If it is now ticking normally then it is charging too quickly and is faulty.

If the watch is doing anything else (like not charging at all, stopping on the wrist or loosing time) then there may be an underlying problem and changing the battery is not the full solution You MUST solve this problem as changing the battery will not solve the problem in the long run

Once you are sure it is just the capacitor then you can change it which is quite easy  

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