Other Seiko Kinetic Problems

You have come to this page as you have a watch that does not have the classic symptoms of a faulty battery

Kinetic watches have all the same problems that you will find with a normal quartz watch and then some of their own. Since they are of moderate value and the movements are expensive they are worth repairing. Most of the time it is a problem with the charging system as this is under the most stress in normal use.
Tip: Remove the battery and refit the wheel and weight. Now move the weight back and forth with your finger. If the watch does not start up then You know there is a problem. I would start with the coil

  • Rust problems are quite common. If you find rust check the wheels for the charging section as these seam to rust easily. 
    Symptoms: Random stopping. Not charging fully. Noisy
  • Broken magnetic wheel on the charging section is common (usually with rust problems)
    Symptoms: Not charging or not charging fully. Noisy
  • Charging coil faults. For some reason this coil seams to get broken easily but is quick and easy to change but can be repaired sometimes.
    Symptoms: Not charging at all 
  • Worn baring on the weight.
    Symptoms: Noisy
  • Loose Weight Screw.
    Symptoms: Noisy. Clattering sounds. 
    Expect problems with the coils as the weight can damage them.
  • Miss aligned / Broken jewel,
    Symptoms: not charging properly and broken magnetic wheel
  • Worn Wheels. Usually accompanied by jewel problems and rust
  • Leaking Battery: Straight to cleaning and servicing without passing go. The battery also gives off a gas which affects the contacts on the circuit and the oils.

Once you have exhausted these problems you need to start looking at the rest of the movement for the problem. I would trouble shoot this as part of a clean and service.

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