It’s Not the battery: What to do

So it isn’t right. How do I fix it?

First you need to understand how a quartz watch works before you can start to understand the trouble shooting process.

How A Watch Works

The parts of the watch and what they do

  • Battery: this is the power source for the watch
  • Contacts: these electrically connect the battery to the circuit
  • Circuit: this is the heart of the watch and controls the rate of the watch. It is made up of 2 main parts, a microprocessor that counts the vibrations of a quartz oscillator which vibrates at 32,768 times a second
  • Coil: Turns the pulse of electricity from the circuit into a magnetic pulse
  • Stator: Channels the magnetic pulse to the Rotor
  • Magnetic Rotor: Reacts to the magnetic pulse creating movement
  • Wheels: Uses the movement of the Rotor to move the hands and date
  • Hands & Date: Allows the wearer to read the time
  • Setting mechanism: Connects the crown to the wheel to allow the wearer to adjust the hands
  • Switch: Stops the circuit generating the pulses of electricity and applies a “brake” to the wheels, to reduce wear, when pulled into the time set position. (Pulling the winder out to “save the battery” is a bad idea)

for more detailed information read Quartz Clock and quartz-watch

Troubleshooting a stopped watch

As long as you are sure that the battery is full, you are ready to begin the Trouble Shooting Process If you at all unsure about the battery Change It as it is the cheapest and easiest repair.