Hammering out a pin

This is the most common way to remove the old pin but you need to know a few things first.

  • Hammering it can make it harder to remove! If you hit the pin too hard you will squash the end, essentially riveting it in the link. If feel you are starting to deform the pin then STOP before making your life harder.
  • Add oil to stuck pins and let it seep in and you will be amazed how much it helps. Heating it with a heat gun also helps the oil to do its job.
  • Some pins are tapered and no matter how much you hammer and bash the pin it will not come out the wrong way. These are sometimes best dealt with by¬†drilling the old pin out.

Make sure the too you are using is thinner than the hole as you will at best get the tool stuck in the link as well. There are many tools that have been invented to remove pins but only 2 work well.

  • a simple punch. I make them from broken screwdrivers but you can buy them as well.
  • and a new invention that works like a centre punch.

every other type i have tried work to some extent but for ease of use and versatility only those 2 are worth buying.Click here to go back to previous page