Drilling Pins Out

Warning: Be careful. Drilling out pins can go wrong

It sounds easy to drill a pin out of a link but you are in for a surprise. It really isn’t. I have lost hours of work doing this. The problem is the metal you are drilling is not mild steel but stainless steel and the HSS drill bits you can buy are not designed for it. They are meant to spin at a very high speed for cutting mild steel but this doesn’t work for stainless as it just heats up and gets harder.
What you need is slow speed and plenty of oil and pressure

The way i do it is with a cordless screwdriver. It doesn’t look professional but it is the best that I have found. You can try Dremmels and other handheld drills but I find a cordless screwdriver is the best. The speed can be controlled easily and the drill bit is less likely to break.

The point you need to be really careful is when you are almost through the steel seams to grab the drill bit and snap it. If you are unlucky the broken bit jams in there and is almost impossible to remove.

Take your time and be careful

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