Domed Shaped Glasses

Making a domed Shaped Glass is very similar to a Flat acrylic glass except you have to make the dome in the plastic. this is easy to do with a heat gun. Heat guns are like overgrown hair dryers which the air temperature gets to 400C which quickly turns the plastic soft.

  • Remove movement
  • Clean watch casing of all old glue and glass
  • Heat Glass until it becomes soft and “floppy”
  • Place glass on the watch casing. Either using another sheet of cool plastic or a few sheets of paper, press the glass to the shape you need. On small ladies watches a soft piece of leather over your finger works well.
  • You will inevitably have marks on the plastic which will need to be polished out
  • Place the glass over the the watch casing and score with a scalpel the shape of the new glass. I mark out 2 sides first then file these to fit before marking the other sides
  • File plastic to the lines you have marked. The moment the line disappears is when to stop. A bench top grinder can be used for big amounts of cutting but you cant beat a good file for accuracy
  • Test fit your glass and bit by bit file it so it fits in the casing loosely without any visible gap. the glass should not move in the casing yet should fall out when tied up.
  • Polish any marks off the glass with jewellers rouge or Brasso
  • Remove any sharp edges
  • Glue in casing with epoxy resin

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