You are welcome to contact me through by the email form at the bottom of this page but before you do there are a few things i would like to state

  • I am not responsible for any repair you do that does not work (see disclaimer)
  • Everything in this site is how I mend watches. It is not necessarily the correct way and certainly not the only way of doing anything. There may be better ways of mending watches which you are welcome to let me know.
  • I can mend your watch for you but you will have to bring it to me. I will not accept watches through the post as they can get lost and is more problems than it is worth.
  • I may not respond to your email for a while as i have little free time
I consent to having this website store my submitted information so they can respond to my inquiry. See our privacy policy to learn more how we use data.

I hope my website is of some help