Changing a Watch Movement

Movement Change

This is one of the easiest and best ways of repairing a normal watch, assuming that the movement is available. If it is an old watch with an unavailable movement then it is more tricky and the outcome is not as perfect.

Check the price and the availability on ourĀ Movement guide

If it is available and economical then this is the Basic Movement Replacement best option.

If it is unavailable or very expensive then clean & service is an option. If you feel it will be better to replace the movement then continue with the None Standard Movement Replacement

The Basic Movement Replacement

A basic movement replacement is one of the best ways to repair a faulty watch as it is quick and easy. Always make your life easy and replace with the same movement if it is possible as this always has the best outcome.
Saying that though there are movements which are used in high end watches (ie. Omega, Longines etc.) which have the same movement that you can buy from a supplier but have been adapted or stamped up with the logo of the watch. Always inform the customer that the logo may not be on the replacement movement.

Remove Movement

Remove Hands

Remove Dial

Reassemble with new movement following Reassembly Instructions at each step. Everything should fit but occasionally hands need adjusting as the designs of the movements evolve over the years.

Easy job. Test the watch for 24 to 48 hours. If not quite right, re-check your work, hands especially.
If the watch continues to have the same symptoms then you need to look at the watch casing, stem, watch back and glass for the solution of the problem.