Broken Rusty Pin V2

We are going to use an acid to break up the rust jamming the pin in the bracelet. This will discolour the metal so do not use on extremely valuable, Gold plated or any metal other than stainless steel (this method works on titanium but you will not get the same finish). Warn the customer that “there will be a slight discolouration that they may or may not see” before doing the job just to cover yourself.

Here is the problem. The pin has rusted tight into the link. I have tried pushing and gently tapping the pin out but it is not moving. I have checked that the watch is stainless steel so i know it is OK to soak it in acid. The acid i use is HCl (hydrochloric acid) which is readily available over here.

If possible just remove the link with the pin if not then you are going to have more cleaning to do. Soak just the link that needs it otherwise you will have more discolouration than necessary and you could have more problem links in the future.
Soaking the link can take days to loosen the pin enough to remove.

Once it is out you will need to clean off the discolouration. How you do this depends on the finish of the bracelet. This bracelet is fine matt so i am using a fine abrasive block but you can use emery paper or even an ink rubber from a stationary shop. If the finish was shiny I would have used a polishing machine.

Choose a good fitting stainless steel pin and the job is done. Check that there are no more pins about to break.Click here to go back to previous page