Acrillic Glasses

Acrylic / Plastic Glasses

These come in 2 main types that both look very similar but they are fitted very differently.

  • Standard Domed: These are squeezed in using Glass Claws. A small amount of Hypo Cement can be used for added for water resistance but is not to hold the glass in place.
  • Armoured Glass: Armoured Glasses are fitted by pressure

Standard Domed Acrylic Glasses

Standard Domed Acrylic glasses can be fitted without removing the movement, but for a couple of minutes extra work, removing the movement is advisable). After cleaning all dirt from around the watch glass take the Glass Claws, place over the watch glass and tighten until the glass comes out. 
Refitting is almost as easy.

  • Clean any dirt from around the watch casing.
  • Measure the old glass (if the old glass is not present measure the watch casing and add 0.2mm)
  • Place glass in plate and lift the glass out using the glass claws
  • Check there is an even lip all around the glass
  • Tighten glass claws until the glass is small enough to enter the case
  • Loosen the glass claws and the job is done

Armoured Glasses

This type of watch glass is much more water resistant. You have to bare in mind that the ring holds the dial in place.

  • To remove the old glass you will need to remove the movement first.
  • Press out the old glass from the inside.
  • Clean any dirt and plastic from watch case
  • Measure watch case and find glass with the same diameter.
  • Using the press, press the glass in place. If the glass is not tight use a glass the size up.
  • Reassemble the watch and the job is done

tip a small amount of hypo cement makes the glass more water resistant

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