How much should a watch repair cost is a hard thing to judge.

There are many factors you need to take into considerations that another business like a clothes shop do not think about. Here are just a few.

The obvious first

Now for some less obvious

Now the most important

Saying all that you need to get a balance ( a very fine line ) between being too cheep and too expensive.

I have personally worked in places which have charged their customers at both extremes (from 6 up to 30 pounds a battery to another place with a flat rate of 1.50 pounds) and the owners of both businesses lived a very similar and comfortable lifestyle.

A sliding scale depending on the cost of the watch does work except if you don't charge the same the next time they bring the same watch back. Currently we charge for the type of watch back. Clip off backs one price, Screw off and watches with 4 screws another and another price for watches with lots of screws. This seams to work well and is easy to explain.
Always a little on the cheep side I feel is best as this way you still make good profit yet get a desirable reputation for being fair and professional.

You are not just selling something like clothing so a set markup is not applicable also you are providing a service that is quite special. In a large town there maybe 10 car repair garages employing a total of 50 to 80 mechanics while in the same town there maybe only 2 or 3 proper watch repairers. This guide on its own will not teach you enough to class yourself as a horologist but will put you in a different league to the battery fitters and high street jewellers. What I am trying to say is value the knowledge you have and always try to do the best job that you can and you can create a good profitable business providing you get your pricing right.

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