Check the price and the availability on our Movement guide for a similar shaped and size movement. The closer the better. In fact some movements are designed to fit the dial and hands thus making life easier.

For the repair to be a good one you need to

It doesn't sound difficult but sometimes the outcome is less than perfect and so there is the possibility of the watch returning with problems. Always try to source the original movement before fitting a different one.

The steps are: First dismantle the watch

Remove Movement

Remove Hands

Remove Dial

Reassembly is where you will need to adapt and make parts fit one another.

It's now time to assemble it and see how good it is. You want the movement not to wobble in the casing and the time to be easily adjusted with the winder. On top of that you want the watch as water resistant as possible.

Well Done. Test the watch for 24 to 48 hours. If not quite right, re-check your work, the hands especially.
If the watch continues to have the same symptoms then you need to look at the watch casing, stem, watch back and glass for the solution to the problem.

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