Replacing the button and stem is a regular job you will encounter especially at the daylight saving time changes. There are a few common reasons why crowns and stems break these include:

there are 5 types of crown that are common on watchesImages of watch crowns

  1. Standard Water Resistant: these are found on the majority of watches. Note: Black seal Stops water ingress
  2. Screw Type: Now much more common than they used to be. these are great for water if the customer knows how to work them. Note: Flat black seal Stops water ingress.
  3. Dust Proof. Now common on battery watches which this guide is aimed at but you will find them on watches which have been converted to quartz from mechanical. Note: No Seal but spring pushes ring onto watch casing stopping dust ingress
  4. Japanese. Found originally on Japanese watches but becoming more common. Note: Black seal Stops water ingress
  5. Basic (Cr*p). These have no seal and are not worth keeping in stock. If you can't keep water and moisture out of a watch you can not be sure that it will be reliable.

the steps for making a replacement crown and stem is the same for each type although there are a few things to bare in mind for each

Obviously you do not always need to replace both the crown and stem but the process is identical. The most important thing is that the crown fits the pendent to stop water getting in.

Tip: If you need to re-use the button when the stem is very rusty have a look at how i go about it

If you have a screw crown that has come apart then sometimes you can repair them with these instructions


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