These checks should be done with the customer present as it is so much easier to point out a broken glass, for example, than to have to explain after they return.

  1. Winder is in the run position
  2. Watch is not working
  3. Watch is a battery watch
  4. No sign of water
  5. Glass is not broken
  6. State of the watch back, ie. scratches
  7. State of the watch strap / bracelet
  8. Crown is working and is not worn / broken
  9. That the watch is genuine or a copy
  10. General condition of the watch
  11. Is the watch a one piece case with no watch back. If so then there are separate instructions to follow

Bag the watch up in a clear seal able bag with a receipt until you are ready to work on it.
Always ask the customer for time to do the job correctly. I ask for 10 minutes for a battery change even after 18 years and 1/4 of a million watches repaired.

This list is not exhaustive. If you feel that there should be anything added, please contact me.
The customer has come in for what they believe is a simple battery change, which most of the time it is, but if you have spotted a potential problem they will be more prepared for any additional repair that maybe needed.